According to Inc. magazine, learning a musical instrument may help the human brain more than any other activity. This is believed to be true for both adults and children. However, more and more schools are cutting music programs for kids, and many adults think they are too old or busy to learn an instrument. 

The fact is, both kids and adults could be missing out on a lot by not taking music lessons. If you don’t think music lessons are for you or your kids, read on to discover the benefits of learning music at any age. 

1. Increased Brain Power

Learning music is a wonderful way to improve memory. Newer students rely on memory to play music long before they master sight-reading music. This memory practice can benefit kids’ developing brains and adults’ aging brains.

2. Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

One of the biggest benefits of learning an instrument is improved hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is undoubtedly an essential skill for kids to practice that can help them master other physical tasks. But adults, too, can benefit from the coordination that learning and playing music provides.

Developing better hand-eye coordination can improve reaction times and more complex physical task performance, whether playing a game or preparing a meal. 

3. Better Concentration

Kids who have trouble concentrating often carry that difficulty into adulthood. Learning music can be an excellent way to practice focusing the brain. It gives the brain the chance to focus on nothing more than one note to the next while blocking outside distractions.

4. Increased Discipline

One of the benefits of music lessons is the discipline a student must build to show marked improvement to an instructor week to week.

Like learning any new skill, mastering music requires building a habit of regular practice. This involves using time management skills and practicing commitment, two skills that can be useful in many areas of life for adults and kids alike.

5. Higher Self-Esteem

Feeling good about personal accomplishments is essential for people of all ages. Music provides this in spades, whether learning the instrument itself or mastering a new piece of music.

6. Stronger Social Skills

Playing music as a group can teach kids critical social skills and provide social time for adults. Creating music with others requires communication, and peer interaction as student musicians work as one to master a piece of music.

7. Improved Health

Music has been shown to have many positive benefits to the human body. While much of it has to do with the brain, music is also thought to:

  • Reduce cortisol levels, which reduces stress
  • Improve respiratory function for those who learn wind instruments or sing
  • Strengthen the upper body since most instruments require the use of the arms for long periods 

Start Taking Advantage of the Benefits of Learning Music

The benefits of learning music can’t be denied. Too many studies have shown the positive impact it has on our brains and bodies, for both children and adults. Taking music lessons is the best way to get these musical benefits.

If you’d like to start learning a musical instrument, or want lessons for a child, sign up today.