We are proud to be a new vendor for the following charter schools:

Clarksville, Feather River, Cottonwood & Visions

To get started, complete our sign-up form. We’ll reach out to you to make sure we have an instructor available at a time that works for you, then you can request the voucher and we’ll schedule your lessons! 

Voucher Policies

  1. We add $35 to the regular cost of lessons for charter students using vouchers.
  2. There is a one-time $45 registration fee per family (to be paid by credit card if school will not cover this)
  3. Vouchers need to cover a minimum of 3 months of lessons at a time.
  4. We need the voucher in-hand before we can start the first lesson (unless you want to start paying with a credit card).
  5. We will schedule the first lesson and secure your spot after you let us know you have requested the voucher. 
  6. Please notify us right away if your child disenrolls from the specified charter school.

Why Music Lessons?
Music lessons are an excellent choice for homeschool students for several compelling reasons. Firstly, music education offers a holistic learning experience that encompasses creativity, discipline, and cognitive development. It provides a creative outlet for self-expression and fosters a deeper appreciation for various cultures and art forms. Additionally, music lessons can be tailored to suit a student’s individual pace and interests, allowing for personalized learning and flexibility within the homeschooling environment. Moreover, music enhances critical skills such as concentration, problem-solving, and time management, which are invaluable for academic success in other subjects as well. By engaging in music lessons, homeschool students not only acquire musical proficiency but also develop well-rounded skills that will benefit them academically and personally throughout their lives.