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Are you ready to rock? Welcome to Jam Lab! There’s nothing more fun and rewarding than making music as a group. In Jam Lab, we match up students with similar skill levels and teach them how to rehearse and play some of their favorite songs together. During these one-hour sessions, students take their private lesson learnings and apply them in a fun and stimulating group setting. The students participate in song selection and then work on their own parts during private lessons and at home. Then when they come together for Jam Lab, our Jam Leader (instructor) helps bring all the pieces together.

When the bands are ready, we’ll take the show on the road and have the bands play at local venues such as street fairs, coffee shops, restaurants and events like the Folsom Family Expo and Young Artists Battle of the Bands. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just for kids?

No! We already have interested adults and would love to form adult bands or even mixed adult/youth bands.

Which instruments can participate?

The main rock band instrumentation includes drums, electric or acoustic guitars, bass, piano/keys, vocals, and other percussion instruments. 

What if I play a different instrument?

Awesome! We can also put together groups with any instruments that work well together. Examples include string duets or ensembles, violin and piano duets, a cappella vocal ensembles, vocals and acoustic guitar…  the list is endless!

When is Jam Lab?

We are currently scheduling for weekday evenings or Saturday mornings. Rehearsals are 1-hour long.

Where are rehearsals held?

Music Lab Folsom in our Jam Lab (room #5). 

Do I need an instrument or other equipment?

The Jam Lab room is equipped with a drum kit, PA speakers & mics, 16-channel mixer, digital piano/keyboard, and guitar and bass amplifiers. We prefer guitarists and bassist to bring their own instruments, but we also have those on hand if needed. 

Do I have to be enrolled in private lessons at Music Lab?

Yes. Private lessons and Jam Lab are designed to work in tandem. The private instructor guides the student in learning and performing their individual song parts so that they are prepared to successfully play in the group setting. Private lessons also help students to continue to hone their individual skills.

Is any student eligible?

Please consult your instructor before signing up. We look for students who are able to play through an entire song on their given instrument in time with the tempo of the song. Drummers must be able to hold a steady beat without playing to a track or metronome. Guitar, keyboard and bass players should be able to make chord changes in time with the music. Singers must be able to say on or very close to pitch. We’re not looking for perfection – just a good foundation to start with! 

What is the cost?

The Jam Lab fee is $100/month for weekly 1-hour sessions paid in advance (this is in addition to your private lesson fees).

What is the make-up policy?

Because this is a unique group class, we are not able to offer make-up lessons.

How do I sign up?

Please email your name, your students name, age, instrument and any and all times they would be available for rehearsal. Send to: folsom@musiclab.co  We’ll put you on a wait list until we get enough signups to form a band or group.

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