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Hi, Steve. Just wanted to take a minute and give Inna a shout out. She’s been patient, fun and professional as I pursue my new hobby. Her knowledge of the violin and teaching methods are definitely to thank for my progress. Thanks to you also for creating a welcoming environment where a non-traditional student like me can come to learn. 


My music instructor, Ryan, was friendly and professional, and put me at ease even though I don’t have much experience drumming. Ryan is both an accomplished drummer and an outstanding teacher, with a master’s degree in Jazz. He seems like he would have a great rapport with children, and we certainly hit it off as adults.

There aren’t a lot of music books available for the djembe, but Ryan had done some research, and had a full set of practice exercises printed off for me to take home and rehearse. Our first session was incredibly productive, and I already feel more skilled and confident.


Awesome place with very patient and encouraging instructors! Our 11-year-old works with Brian who’s been great with our beginning drummer. Would highly recommend this place!


The instructors at the Music Lab have outstanding artistic or craft skills, bringing creativity and originality to the task. In all aspects of their work, Music Lab is not satisfied unless achieving the highest standards. They work relentlessly to improve the skills and knowledge of their students, and the quality of their work is apparent. They regularly produce creative, original ideas, plans, products or methods, well-attuned to the needs and capabilities of the their students.

Arthur T

If you’re learning how to play drums, you need to be taking lessons here! The teachers are legit and the students LOVE coming in! There are private rooms for each student so the “noise” in the lobby is minimal- great for waiting parents! Highly, highly recommend!!

Charlotte M

Excellent! The owner/teachers are wonderful, my kids have been going there about 3 years and they LOVE it. Its a lil pricey but worth every penny!

Jennifer S

Decided I wanted to pursue my musical talent and found this place. Highly recommend it because of the great instructors and great atmosphere. 5/5

Tanya K

I highly recommend Drum Lab for lessons.  The instructors are real musicians!  They understand and teach theory!  You’re not only going to learn how to play drums, but you’ll learn music theory all along, and that’ll serve you well throughout your musical life. I can’t recommend Drum Lab highly enough.

Ric M

My son is an aspiring drummer, and boy are we lucky to live down the street from the Drum Lab! Cameron, his instructor, is terrific and shares the same enthusiasm as my son, so it’s a great match. We couldn’t be happier!

Alexis P

The Drum Lab is great place to learn how to play the drums. My ten year old son has been taking lessons there for almost a year. His teacher is Jonathan Withem and we couldn’t be happier with his services. He’s and awesome drummer and a great teacher. I would highly recommend the Drum Lab for all up and coming drummers.

Randy R

I highly recommend this business! Couldn’t be happier with the quality of the drum instructors as well as the professionalism of the owner, Serge. The teachers are all very skilled and my son has learned so much over the year+ he’s been going. His instructor Stixx is fantastic! If you want to take drum lessons, I wouldn’t bother going anywhere else!!!

Stephanie G

My two kids, ages 12 and 8, have taken two summer camps at the Music Lab. The instructors are amazing, so patient and friendly. My kids describe Lizzy as a ray of sunshine. I have enrolled them in weekly uke lessons and they really look forward to practicing and playing. Steve is super encouraging, love this team.


Great instructors and in high demand. Very very satisfied.


Our 11 year old son takes lessons from The Drum Lab and he loves it! We highly recommend The Drum Lab!
Shannon T

Very good, teachers are amazing, and you have the drummer for Lincoln Brewster Serge Lysak.
Colby V

Very nice, clean place.  People are kind and respectful. You are always treated in a professional manner. People there seem o really enjoy coming there! I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in brushing up on their musical side!
Eugene K

There’s John Mayer Concerts playing on the Tv in the lobby. 10/10 would take lessons here.
David R

Thinking of taking lessons here?  We have been coming for almost three years. The instructors are very professional and great with the students.  Any time I have had a question for management they have been quick and customer focused. Definitely give them a try. Great business!

My son is twelve and has been taking lessons here since he was seven.  Stix our instructor is super positive, always happy and has a way of engaging Dawson in every lesson. All the instructors are extremely knowledgable, great with kids and very professional.  The owner Surge is always accessible and quick to respond to any questions or concerns.  The Lab is in a great location and the building is always clean. There’s always a great video in the waiting area for you and siblings.  All around a great place and I wouldn’t think about taking my child anywhere else!!!!
John L

Bottom line is their the finest when it comes on teaching how to play drums . I’ll give it not just 5 but 10 star

Alain G

I highly recommend this business! Couldn’t be happier with the quality of the drum instructors as well as the professionalism of the owner, Serge. The teachers are all very skilled and my son has learned so much over the year+ he’s been going. His instructor Stixx is fantastic! If you want to take drum lessons, I wouldn’t bother going anywhere else!!!

Stephanie G

My son has been taking lessons here and has really enjoyed all that he has learned. Great teachers and awesome environment! We highly recommend this business!!

Shannon T

The best music school in the region . Learned how to play drums here. Wonderful staff.

Mister R

Not just lessons! Great personal service and advice for those parents who don’t know the first thing about drums! Thanks Serge!!

Patrice V

Amazing staff and an incredibly safe and positive environment for a student to prosper!
Sum D

Great music instruction, awesome staff, overall great place.
Red J

A wonderful music lesson facility.  Awesome community of educators and students. Stop by and check out this location when you are in the area or schedule a free lesson.
Serge L

I cannot believe I have yet to leave a review on here for Drum Lab.  My son has been going to drum lab for 2 years now.  I cannot stress how great this place is.  Jonathan Withem is a perfect instructor for my son, and my son loves him.  It’s great for kids and adults!  Go and check it out!!
Chris G

Greatest drum teachers around. Nate works with my son who is 7 and just learning and experiencing drums for the first time. He keeps it cool and simple, my son love going to drums. I would recommend for anyone interested in drums to take them up on their easy introductory offer. Drum Lab will do one free lesson to let the student experience their facility and teachers….  Highly Recommend
Tony H

I’ve been receiving lessons from Nate for about 8 months now. He is great. Very patient and teaches to me and my abilities. I never feel like “just another student”. I can tell that Nate loves to teach. I would recommend the Drum Lab to anyone who is interested in learning the drums, from beginner to advanced musicians.
Fred L

Jonathan W. is a great instructor. I want to mainly promote this business for promoting music and music theory. I have learned a lot in a short period of time, I have a long ways to go. As a business owner I wanted To sing the praises of an off the wall out of the ordinary business designed to enhance the creative minded, percussion oriented individual.
Will D

I’m so happy to have found this place!! The instructors are amazing and so patient! If you have kids I highly recommend to bring them here.
Alesya M

Truly an amazing experience. The location, the employee’s are very helpful and my teacher was very patient. I definitely will be going back.

Mckenna F

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