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Learn By Doing

Our approach to sax, woodwind & brass lessons is all about getting students to start playing sax, woodwind or brass from day one! It doesn’t always mean playing full-blown songs but depending on the student’s age, we like to get them to start actually experiencing what it feels like to play the sax, woodwind & brass and begin to experience how fun and exciting it is.

Beyond the Books

Our instructors go far beyond the nuts and bolts of playing sax, woodwind or brass such as notes and songs. We do make fundamentals the anchor of all of our sax, woodwind & brass lessons but we also make sure we give the students time to actually apply it to the sax, woodwind, or brass and learn about the fun of making music and playing sax, woodwind or brass!

Only the BEst

We Know How to Make Learning Fun For ALL

Our sax, woodwind & brass instructors are hired based on many criteria and one of which is their ability to teach all levels and types of students. Sax, woodwind & brass lessons should be accessible to all but not everyone will respond to each teaching approach the same. That’s why we make sure our sax, woodwind & brass instructors tailor their lesson to the student and make sure that the primary goals of each student are met no matter what age they are, what level they are at, or what style they are trying to learn.

Getting Started

Here are a few things you need to get started

Sax, woodwind or brass is a very unique instrument that requires a lot of hands on at-home practice to really fine tune the skills that you are taught in the lesson. Since the sax, woodwind or brass is so personal for each student we advise that you rent a sax, woodwind or brass to start and then later we can help you find the right sax, woodwind or brass that fits the student best.


The first and main thing we ask is that you start your sax, woodwind & brass lesson journey coming ready to have fun.


Next we want you to bring any and all questions you might have about taking sax, woodwind & brass lessons.


Lastly, we want you to give yourself time to learn at your own pace because everyone learns at a different pace.

Our Team

sax, woodwind & brass Instructors

Get to know our sax, woodwind & brass department staff by checking out their instructor profile pages. If you find an instructor you are interested in please sign up for a free trial lesson and see what they are all about in person. If you need help picking an instructor, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you find the best instructor that fits your needs. 


Other benefits to learning how to play sax, woodwind or brass

Learning how to play a musical instrument like a sax, woodwind & brass have sax, woodwind & brass very many benefits to anyone no matter what age or music goal they have. Here is a small sample size of some of the benefits that are obtained due learning and playing music.

Self Esteem

Its undeniable that the ability to sit down and play an instrument is a unique skill. Studies have show that music and interacting with other people learning something new around you builds social skills, which boosted confidence and self esteem.


Music education has been proven to change your brain structures and improve the way you think. For example, improvisation leads to more extensive brain activity. It also helps you boost your memory and boosted ability to recognize patterns


Music requires combined engagement from the different areas of the brain. Your ability to think logically, to judge, and to be critical has to be active. As a result, you are enhancing your ability to spontaneously think in a more creative way.



Learning music will help you concentrate even in the middle of distractions. You will also learn the benefits of a consistent practice schedule. You will see that there is so much you can achieve if you are dedicated and take things at a learning pacing.

The Benefits of Music Lessons at Any Age

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Announcing 2022 Summer camps!

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We are up and running in Folsom!

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From the Owners

We’ve been Folsom residents for over 20 years and are excited to share our passion for music and education with our community. Steve has a BA in Music and has been playing bass and guitar since high school. Krissy is a teacher for the Folsom Cordova Community Charter...

Welcome Music Lab Folsom!

Welcome to Music Lab Schools in beautiful Folsom, CA! Music Lab Folsom serves the Folsom and surrounding areas for music lessons. We are located near the intersection  of Auburn Folsom Rd. and Blue Ravine (in the Winco shopping center). We are just getting started and...

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